We all spend hours interacting with our technology, both for work and for leisure - our bodies don’t differentiate between the two.

The reality is that we rarely stop to think about the negative impacts of our posture and workstation set up until something starts to hurt.

Did you know it is also a legal requirement for employers in the UK to assess the risks related to computer-based work.

I’m Alison, the ergo elf and I am on a mission to share my passion and expertise for posture.

I am more than a DSE Assessor. I take a holistic overview of the way people interact with their technology and their workspace, to help improve their experience and understanding of wellbeing at the workstation.

You have transformed the way I sit at my desk.
— Amanda Claesens of ACE Market Research talks about how the ergo assessment benefitted her as a small business owner.

“I knew how I was sitting and typing was wrong, but I didn't know how to correct it myself. Alison's Wellbeing at your Workstation programme was the answer. I now totally understand why my neck was so sore, and I can now apply the principles wherever I am working. I can’t thank you enough. You have transformed the way I sit at my desk.”


Have you thought about the different ways you can benefit from positive posture?

There are physical, behavioural and knowledge benefits, good financial reasons as well as workplace culture and legal positives too - take a look at the infographic to find out more.

I offer training and assessments for individuals and businesses that

  • look at the physical interaction and behavior patterns linked to the technology and workstation, be it fixed, agile or mobile working

  • share key points for positive posture and workstation set up and use that can be applied wherever needed

  • identify problem areas, review anything that has already been done that has or hasn’t not worked, and recommend and support implementation of solutions.

Would you would like to learn more about how I can help you or your business?