Positive Posture for Businesses

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I’m Alison, the ergo elf!

I became an ‘expert patient’ after being injured in a car accident as a teenager. I learned all these amazing things about my body, and wondered why we have to wait to be injured to learn this life-changing stuff. I went on to undertake professional learning about posture, workstations, human factors and ergonomics.

The result - I’m on a mission to share my passion and expertise for posture.

I am more than a DSE Assessor.

I take a holistic overview of the way people interact with their technology and their workspace, to help improve their experience and understanding of wellbeing at the workstation.

Alison’s ergo service offers a robust, helpful and holistic service to individuals and organisations, very different from the usual checklist-based approach to DSE assessment.

As an Occupational Health professional, I can be confident that staff are receiving the best support possible. Alison uses her knowledge and experience to educate people about key aspects of their workplace as well as their body to ensure there is the most comfortable match possible between the person, their work and workstation.

I have worked with Alison on a number of advisory and educational projects and she is proactive at meeting organisational and/or employee specific needs in a professional and supportive manner, with an engaging and enthusiastic approach.
— Catherine Tye, Occupational Health Lead Harmony Health and Wellbeing

We all spend hours interacting with our technology, both for work and for leisure, our bodies don’t differentiate between the two.

The reality is that we rarely stop to think about the negative impacts of our posture and workstation set up until something starts to hurt.

Did you know it is also a legal requirement for employers in the UK to assess the risks related to computer based work?

 I offer training and assessments that

  • look at the physical interaction and behavior patterns linked to the technology and workstation, be it fixed, agile or mobile working

  • share key points for positive posture and workstation set up and use that can be applied wherever needed

  • identify problem areas, review anything that has already been done that has or hasn’t not worked, and recommend and support implementation of solutions.

Solutions are often low cost or free, linking to the way people work and use their equipment. I also bring a range of demonstration equipment of items I have thoroughly tested myself and believe offer both good value and function, and I can also recommend reputable suppliers who offer excellent technical advice and customer support if it’s appropriate.

By getting the workstation set up right for your staff, you’ll have a happier and more productive workforce and working environment.

The Health and Safety Executive talk about the Human Factors in relation to work environment.

The work environment can impact on a person’s performance in a number of different ways from effects that damage health (heat stress, musculoskeletal disorders); effects that reduce the individual’s ability to perform a task (poor lighting, distraction); to effects that cause dissatisfaction, resistance to change and uncooperative attitudes (“if management think so little of us why should we …”).
— Health and Safety Executive

Have you thought about the different ways you can benefit from positive posture?

There are physical, behavioural and knowledge benefits, good financial reasons as well as workplace culture and legal positives too - take a look at the infographic to find out more.

I offer both corporate training and assessment packages, as well as 1-2-1 support for specific individuals in your organisation.

The Corporate Standard 6 hour Package includes:

  • A 1 hour ‘Wellbeing at your Workstation’ workshop for all staff members, in small groups, covering key points for good posture and workstation set up, including consideration of mobile working and hot-desking if applicable.

  • Individuals would complete self-assessment questionnaires from an informed perspective. This aspect is key in both effectiveness and meeting the requirements of the legislation, as completing a self-assessment checklist without the supporting information about what you are trying to achieve is unlikely to identify issues, or change unhelpful but familiar postures or behavior patterns around computer work.

  • I would then spend time with any individuals who have identified they have concerns regarding their workstation set up, reviewing their self-assessment and looking at their individual specific needs, and if there is time remaining I can review any other individuals as appropriate.

The package options start from £495 for this 6 hour day.

The costs and number of hours required varies with numbers of employees and the complexity of their work requirements.

Additional options to consider adding to the package:

  • Training in-house DSE Champions who can support individuals to complete their self-assessments from an informed perspective, help individuals who identify any difficulties or discomfort and keep posture a live topic in the organisation.

  • Follow Up Support package
    As we all know from experience, it takes time to make changes and form new habits. I recommend a follow up visit to put posture back on the agenda, offer specific advice regarding workspaces or individual set up that have been difficult to resolve.