"You have transformed the way I sit at my desk"

Amanda Claesens of ACE Market Research talks about how the ergo assessment benefitted her as a small business owner.

Why did you choose an ergo assessment?

My neck and shoulders were becoming increasingly sore, by the end of the week I would be in great discomfort. I practice yoga and have regular massage but increasingly felt that they were treating the symptoms and I needed to get to the cause of the problem. I’d met Alison at a networking event and the passion with which she spoke about her Ergo work made the decision for me.

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Can you spot the “keyboard slump”?

Can you spot the “keyboard slump”?

How did you find the initial assessment?

10/10. Everything made total sense, explained clearly and methodically. It felt like Alison was working through my problems, checking that we’d covered everything.

Did you have the opportunity to trial equipment?

We mostly made changes to what I already had. I borrowed a writing slope and went on to buy a new keyboard as a result of the assessment. Alison was great at recommending good suppliers to use.

The ergo programme is 21 days, do you feel you’ve broken old habits?

If it wasn’t for the follow up calls and emails, I’m not sure I would have stayed on track but they were really helpful. I knew that if I needed help Alison was there. And the weekly reminder call was good prompt for me to assess how I was doing. 

Would you say the service is worth the money?

Honestly I think that it’s not possible to put a price on it,  I really feel like I’ve got my long-standing shoulder issues under control (or at least on the way to being controlled) and that is worth LOADS.  Alison has transformed the way I sit at my desk and I’m so thankful!

What would you say to other business owners about ergo?

Get yourself checked out.  I thought that my problem was that my head was leaning forward, l had no idea that the problem was caused by the placement of my keyboard and my chair settings. I feel so more productive when I’m at my desk.  Alison made recommendations that I wouldn’t even have thought of myself, for example to get up and move around every time I take a call, to plan in frequent movement breaks and posture resets.   

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This is now a “slump-free zone”!

This is now a “slump-free zone”!

Alison Thomson