Positive Posture for Individuals and Small Business Owners

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I’m Alison, the ergo elf!

I became an ‘expert patient’ after being injured in a car accident as a teenager. I learned all these amazing things about my body, and wondered why we have to wait to be injured to learn this life-changing stuff. I went on to undertake professional learning about posture, workstations and ergonomics

The result - I’m on a mission to share my passion and expertise for posture.


We all spend hours interacting with our technology, both for work and for leisure, but the reality is that we rarely stop to think about the negative impacts of our posture and workstation set up until something starts to hurt.


I work with individuals to help improve their experience of wellbeing at the workstation. I share key points for good posture and workstation set up, and my service looks at identifying any problems, reviewing anything that has already been done and has or hasn’t worked then I recommend and implement solutions to help.


Amanda Claesens, ACE Market Research talks about her experience:

“I knew how I was sitting and typing was wrong, but I didn't know how to correct it myself. Alison's Wellbeing at your Workstation programme was the answer.

After a pre-visit questionnaire, including pictures to illustrate just how slumped I was, Alison arrived armed with tips, advice and a car boot full of kit to help. I've got a check list of all the adjustments we made and we've had weekly calls to talk through any niggles. I've been using a writing slope and I've just taken delivery of a new keyboard - all on loan from Alison so that I can test out new kit before buying. I now totally understand why my neck was so sore, and I can now apply the principles wherever I am working. I can’t thank you enough - you have transformed the way I sit at my desk.

I look at what technology you are interacting with - all your gadgets for work and leisure - because your body doesn’t differentiate, where you are doing it - from the desk, to the sofa, the train, and the coffee shop - and how you are doing it - think of all those crazy and unhelpful postures I see!

I come armed with my expertise and enthusiasm, and bring a range of demonstration and loan equipment for you to experience if it is helpful, but solutions are often low cost or free, linking to behaviours around the way people work and use their equipment. My demo kit are items I have thoroughly tested myself and believe offer both good value and function.

By getting your set up right at your workstation, or wherever you interact with technology, you will feel better and can work better. That’s a win-win! 




Have you thought about the different ways you can benefit from positive posture?

There are physical, behavioural and knowledge benefits, good financial reasons as well as workplace culture and legal positives too - take a look at the infographic to find out more.

The Wellbeing at Your Workstation Package
£185, split over 3 payments

A 21 day programme of focused support includes:

  • Pre-visit questionnaire focusing the individual on their posture and workstation.

  • A 1-2-1 visit to work with you to improve your workstation, whatever it is.

  • Key information about posture principles and how to apply them.

  • Detailed recommendations about chair set up, workstation layout, keyboard / mouse / software settings and behaviour changes.

  • Opportunity to use equipment on loan to improve your set up.

  • A report you can refer to reminding you of the main points we covered in the assessment.

  • On-going support during the next 21 days with weekly calls and emails.

  • Manageable payment structure - deposit followed by two further payments.