Walking the talk on wellbeing

As any of you who have met me will know, I believe that truly putting people’s health and wellbeing at the heart of what we do as businesses is really closing the health and safety circle.

But what about us a small business owners – how hard is it to give ourselves the same consideration?

There are lots of ways of supporting our personal wellbeing - a big one for me is mindfulness.

My daily wellbeing moments can be

  • Taking a tea break in the garden, taking 10 minutes to really connect with the world outside my office… breathing the air, hearing the birds, bringing my awareness completely to the present moment.

  • If my cat is feeling co-operative, feeling the velvety softness of his fur and the deep vibration his purr.

  • Having a snack (healthy or naughty) and really savouring the experience – the aroma, the mouth feel, the taste.

  • Going for a walk – stretching and moving, breathing and seeing, bringing all my senses to the experience.


When I spoke to other business owners about this topic, here’s what they do to bring mindful moments into their working days:

“I love mindful walking with the dog.” – Lynne James, Empowerment & Success Coach

“Yoga is a great way for me to look after myself and take some time out.” - Tracey Owen, Let’s Play Project

“I like to take time to think on the walk home from the school run.” - Liz Dixon, Artistic Retreats

“Something small like watering the garden is great for being mindful.” - Maggie Newton, Red Clematis Coaching

“I find the Pomodoro app so productive! It helps me keep my to do list in check!” - Deb Webb, ENJO UK

I’d love to hear how you bring wellbeing into your day - comment below or join the conversation on Twitter. Tweet me @SafetyElfing using #WellbeingAtWork