Hear me speak about working 'agile' not 'fragile'

This week is Backcare Awareness Week and this year their focus is on Back Pain in Golf.

Research from the National Centre for Health Statistics shows that low back injuries account for 15.2% to 34% of all golf injuries, followed by injuries to the elbow (7% to 27%), shoulder (4% to 19%) and wrist 10%!

Apparently golf is even more dangerous than rugby!

Taking care of your back

Whether you play golf or not, looking after our backs is important. To raise awareness of this, I am speaking about wellbeing whilst working agile and how to practice positive posture whether you’re at a desk, on the train or using your tablet on the sofa.

Agile working is a way of working which empowers people to work where, when and how they choose to optimise their performance. As entrepreneurs and business owners, it is a way many of us already work.

But what about the mind and body challenges it brings? Planning work on a train and in a coffee shop, on the kitchen table or the sofa for example.

I am more than a DSE Assessor and take a holistic overview of the way people interact with their technology and their workspace, to help improve their experience and understanding of wellbeing at the workstation.

Alison speaking about wellbeing

Hear me speaking in October:

Hear me speaking in November:

I look forward to sharing some of my top tips for making your experience of agile working more gain and less pain!

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