The Safety Elf is on a mission – to put the health back into ‘elf and safety’

There are lots of myths and misunderstandings about health and safety which make it easy to lose sight of why it is important. The reality is that safety doesn’t happen by accident, but it doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. The Safety Elf can demystify the process and work alongside you to make a genuine difference to health, safety and wellbeing for you, your staff and customers.


People tell us that health and safety stops you doing things. Done properly it should enable you to do things – just safely!


Businesses assume that health and safety costs money, but NOT doing health and safety well costs you more! Evidence shows that injury and accidents have high hidden costs, while good health and safety practice adds value to business.


Everyone assumes health and safety is boring, but have you experienced the Safety Elf difference? Passionate about the subject with delivery that is professional, engaging and interactive.

It’s the job everybody dreads – so let the Safety Elf do the jobs you hate! Working with you as a trusted partner we bring knowledge, skill, experience and enthusiasm.

Alison makes a dry subject fun and interesting – I never thought I’d say that about Health and Safety!
— Previous Client