You need The Healthy Elf!

The World Health Organisation defines health as “ …a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". But when people talk about health and safety the important aspect of wellbeing is often overlooked. Drawing on aspects of occupational health and proactive stress management, we keep the wellbeing of individuals and organisations central to our work.
Some pressure can be good, because it can motivate us to achieve great things, but when pressure turns to stress it can have serious consequences for the individual, their families and business.Work-related stress alone causes the loss of 10.8 million working days a year.

  • On average each person suffering from work-related stress took 27 days off work.
  • Fit, healthy, and active employees will perform better, be better engaged, more creative and deliver more every day to the business.

How we can help you:

  • Stress management - know your enemy! Strategies, tools and techniques.
  • Demystifying the Fit Note and Working Well - return to/remaining in work strategies and planning for individuals and employers.
  • Positive Attendance Management.
  • Wellbeing for carers - essential tools and techniques for people who find themselves in a caring role.

Whatever the size of your business, give the The Safety Elf a call if you have any concerns about health, safety and wellbeing. We can arrange a 30 minute phone consultation - it’s free and with no obligation.

Alison is unique in the world of “Health and Safety”. Her passion for Wellbeing in this area is evident, as is her professionalism and expert knowledge, which combined with her warm personality makes her the obvious choice for anyone looking for practical and comprehensive support in this area.
— Previous Client