You need The Ergo Elf!

We're passionate about posture - by equipping our clients with understanding of the principles of good posture and movement they can then apply them wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

We all spend many hours interacting with our technology – from the laptop and smart phone to enjoying gaming and TV, but we rarely stop to think about the negative impacts of our improvised postures, unhelpful chairs and workstation set-up until something starts to hurt.


How we can help you:

  • We offer detailed individual assessments looking at the physical interaction with the technology (all your gadgets!) and workstation (be it a desk, kitchen table or sofa), not forgetting the behaviour patterns around usage for work / leisure and the software and hardware being used - for individuals, families and businesses.
  • Did you know that Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is now the commonest kind of work equipment? We also offer DSE Users and Assessors training and management advice to ensure that your business meets the responsibilities under the legislation and provides a suitable working environment.

Whatever the size of your business, give the The Safety Elf a call if you have any concerns about health, safety and wellbeing. We can arrange a 30 minute phone consultation - it’s free and with no obligation.